Why footprints


I remember sitting with two friends in the phoenix park back in July when I had one of those moments, those encounters where something reveals itself; I needed to create my blog. It had been in the back of my mind for quite some time as I had been writing during Bobby’s pregnancy and had found it a huge help to survive the difficult weeks. And guess what?  I was getting in my own way, like only we do best as human beings. I just needed to do it. Some of it I will be honest was the fear of judgement.

As we sat there creating my blog on my smartphone, I realised I was not quite ready to set it up as the name was so important; and right then it had not revealed itself. I went home and spent a couple of days waiting for it to come to me. I realised these revelations that kept happening to me, were because of Bobby. Because everything that pretty much happens now is because of Bobby.

I’m writing this blog, because of Bobby.

I’m on maternity leave grieving the loss of my son, because of Bobby.

I’m bringing my daughter Lily to school everyday, because of Bobby.

I’m training with a brilliant trainer to build strength mentally and physically to heal, because of Bobby.

I talk to strangers around the world who are grieving the loss of their children, because of Bobby.

I’m sitting here writing this post, because of Bobby.

I have new friends, because of Bobby.

I have strange encounters, because of Bobby.

So I decided to call these revelations in my life, footprints, because of Bobby.

And it feels so right, to call my website Bobby’s Footprints, because of Bobby.

And my hope is that sharing how I heal, survive and do my best every day, will help others. Because of Bobby.