So where to start, I’ll keep it short. My name is Emma Keogh, I’m 41 years old. Married to Des and mother to Lily and Bobby who is no longer with us. I’m a qualified Life and Executive coach and a senior manager at PayPal. I’m on a journey of grief and healing and coming to terms with the loss of my beautiful son Bobby. I have an amazing support network with my friends and family who are supporting me on this journey. I can only say this is a heart-breaking journey no one wants to be on. It goes to show you can never plan, back in March 2016 before Bobby’s big scan, life was good. We had plans and they changed in an instant. Life doesn’t have to entirely change when you lose a child, but it changes you. I don’t think I will ever be the same person again and I will always carry Bobby’s loss with me.  I am determined to learn from this journey in some positive way and I hope that my blog will help other mothers in the future. It is early days for us as grieving parents and I definitely do not have the all the answers on how to survive. I hope by sharing some of Bobby’s footprints, that I will help a few people who might otherwise be stuck and feel there is no hope after the loss of a child.

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